Cramped Quarters


home dome

I am in the middle of a big move, and currently reside in a small motel room. I share the room with a frisky Cattle dog and  my husband. Lately almost everything sets us off, and we fight over RIDICULOUS things. It’s a direct result of “Cramped Quarters”. We barely have enough room to breathe and we have been here a month. I would NOT wish this scenario on anyone I like!

I remember an experiment with rats, from my Psychology 101 class. Too many rats crammed into a small space causes them to turn on each other. Yes…they may even kill each other! After my experience here, I can not blame the rats. Each of us needs breathing room. It doesn’t take a bunch of RATS to figure that one out. (Hopefully in 3 days we will finally move out of the room we’re in, and PEACE will be restored in our “Kingdom” once again.)

The End  🙂


Five Fun Things to do with a Big Dog…


Irish wold hound 5

1. When you have a big dog, let him sit in your favorite chair. If you refuse him this honor, he’ll do it anyway.

2. Use your dog to attract the opposite sex. Most people will be curious about your dog, and eventually, they will notice you.

3. Put a saddle on his back, and let your pet monkey ride on top of him. You will attract spectators, but you will also get offers to join the circus. If you are really lucky, you may even get your own reality TV show.

4. On Halloween, wear a ripped shirt with fake blood on it. If people ask you what your Halloween character is say: “A VICTIM”, then nod and turn your head toward your dog. (You will either get a laugh or a scream.)

5. On Christmas put fake antlers on your dog. Have him pull a little wooden sled with toys inside. When kids ask what you are doing, tell them: “Santa’s Reindeer are on strike, this is all they had left!” Then… hand the kids toys. (You will be the most popular guy on your block!)

P.S. If you are sane, you won’t do any of this, just spend time enjoying your beloved pet!!