My weird neighbors


Dar and Hildie                                                                                                          photo of  Dar and Hildie

Last week I met my new neighbors. I thought they were just fascinating because of the way they look. They NEVER have a hair out-of-place. A pimple would NEVER dare appear uninvited on their faces. Dar (The man), he has bulging muscles that ooze sensuality. Hildie (His Bride), has a face the angels certainly envy. In every conceivable way they are PERFECT. (Now I’m beginning to think they are not real at all. (It is possible they are either robots or aliens, really it could be either one, so it’s a toss-up.)

When I asked Hildie what she did for a living, she told me that she and Dar were well paid fashion models in Germany. This is how she said it: “Dar und I, vee verk in dah Fazhion verld. Ve both put on de clothes und verk by going ups and downs zee runvay. Vun day Dar, heez shoozze ver too looze und he fall und hit hez head. He got zee bump on de vorhead.” Then she points to his nose! (Definitely a couple of Aliens.) Am I right??

The gardening that Dar and Hildie perform at night is also very odd. They plant flowers right next to the cabbage, zucchini and squash. When I asked Dar why he plants flowers in his garden next to the vegetables, he said something strange. “It est good to eat zee vegetables near the flowerz, it makes zee flavorz much like candy, und I love zee candy. I only eat zee vegetable vit dah flowers on zee side. It ez so good for you. Jazmine est dah best flower for zee taste.”

I must say, I’m not sure what to think of the neighbors. Sometimes they leave for months at a time. I can only assume they are “Verking in dah Fazhion Verld” in Germany…. Or are they? Maybe they are visiting the “Home Planet” and reporting back to the Gallactic Council of the Pleiades. I may never know for sure. One thing I do know, is that “Fashion models” usually live in New York, London, Paris or even Rome, they don’t live in Northern Arizona.  (P.S. I have had a lot of weird neighbors, so I may be a bit of an expert on the subject. I attract some weird ones so my fictional tale isn’t far from the truth!)



Peace, Love and Sushi


LeeLee peaceHere I am clowning around in Redondo Beach California. The people behind me are eating early supper, and as you can see by the look on their faces, they are part of MY vacation photo! (Whether they like it or not.) I’m such a mischief-maker.

Today I did something I normally don’t do. I ate sushi. IT WAS FANTASTIC ! I haven’t had good sushi in years because I live in Arizona. (Most folks are not wild about sushi where I live. They don’t know what they are missing.) I asked my husband if he wanted some of my SPICY TUNA ROLL, and I think he made a face at me. Gee, what a kill joy. I about fell off my chair it was so fresh. The flavor was indescribable. (  Oh how I miss decent Japanese restaurants…)

Today was also the 4th Sunday, so I went to one of my favorite antique fairs. It is held on Sundays, but only the 4th Sunday of each month. They block off several streets, and it is full of venders, musicians, and wandering “treasure hunters”. I never know what I’m going to find, so it’s always fun for me. If you are looking for an unusual gift, chances are the street fair will have it.

Los Angeles county is full of entertaining things to do. This week has been perfect, and the weather was fantastic. Soon I’ll be going back to my home in rustic Arizona, where it is already getting too hot. At least I have good memories of peaceful days , raw fish, and lovely COOL weather! (Now I’m wondering how I can talk my husband into a side trip to Colorado… I’m such a PRINCESS!)