Almost done with our mess!


Construction 2

We went from this….

Jacona curved wall

To This……

Jacona front door with smokey glass

Added a BEAUTIFUL door…

Jacona Needs a gate!

Added an arch-way worthy of


And with a little patience and lots of PRAYER,

soon our journey will be complete.      :^)

Things I miss at the BEACH…


Beach Wave

I miss the sounds of the waves breaking on shore.

Beach sunset

I miss the SPECTACULAR sunsets.

Beach with Palm Trees

I miss the “Ocean Views” .


I miss walking, riding my bike and rollerblading along the strand.

Beach with lighthouse

I miss seeing the Lighthouses.

Relaxing at the beach

I miss relaxing in the sun.

Beach animal

However… I DO NOT miss sharks, getting stung by jellyfish,  dealing with sunburn or sand in my food…