Why meteorites are so fascinating…


meteorite of mine 7

I guess you have to be a total NERD to love meteorites.

So color me “Nerdly”. I LOVE them. This is a recent find.

meteorite of mine 1

My husband told me today : “People always want to WISH ON A STAR. Now you have a piece of a real star,

and that is so much better. (What a beautiful thought.)

meteorite of mine 5

Meteorites are more than just a chunk of worthless rock. This one is made from nickel and iron

and was found in Campo Del Cielo , Argentina. I purchased it at a rock sale in Santa Fe.

meteorite 1

This meteorite is not mine. By the look of it, it may weight 7 or 8 pounds. It is sold by weight, so no doubt

about it, I could NEVER afford something this size. Yet, one can dream….

meteorite 6

Look at this monstrosity. It is bigger then my refrigerator. This is rare to see one this size

because when this hot, molten metallic object reaches the Earth’s atmosphere, it

usually melts to nothing or breaks apart on impact.


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