Angels are everywhere


Angel_Raphael As a child, I was taught to believe in guardian angels. When I became an adult, the whole idea of angels sounded like a fantasy to me. In the 80’s I started to read about angels, first through Billy Grahams’ books and later, countless other books that detailed angel accounts. These beings are mentioned many times in the bible, in both the old and new testaments.

Then I had a couple of my own experiences, that just could not be ignored. My first and most profound encounter, was at 3am, as I drove home after work. I was working as a proofreader for a  local paper. The hours were lousy, but money was scare, and I needed the job desperately.

At the side of the freeway, I saw a man on a horse, dressed in shinning armor. He was so brilliantly lit, that the sight stung my eyes. I was in complete shock! He looked like someone out of book . Dressed like that, at 3am, I thought he must be crazy. I slowed down to look more closely, and he had vanished into thin air. It was the weirdest sight I have ever seen. I never knew what I had seen until years later…

I was reading one of my angel books. It told of an African missionary, that had come to help a small village, and convert them to Christianity. Another, much more violent group of Africans snuck into the village to try and murder the missionary. Oddly, nothing happened. Much later, when the violent group had settled down a bit, they were asked why they did not attack and kill the missionary. They replied: “They were approaching the village, yet could not get near the missionary’s hut, because it was surrounded by soldiers. They wore brilliant shinning armor, and were carrying weapons. They were so afraid, they ran away.  ( In art work, Archangels often are depicted wearing metallic armor.)

That is when I realized what I had encountered at 3am, on a lonely road on my way home. He appeared to me for a reason. The angelic “protector” was there to help me fight a battle. At the time, I was going through a separation and divorce, and it was the most depressing time of my life. I know God is always with us, and sends his angels to us for help when we are in great need. I was very lucky to catch a glimpse of this wonderful being.


Abandon Logic / Thinking too hard can get you into trouble


beardy man The man in the photo is concentrating very hard. Note the focused gaze….His eyes seem to be seering a hole into your retinas…. or, not. It reminds me of people who think so long and so hard, they give themselves a migraine. Does he need a pill? Or, does he need to chill?

I remember the day when some guy told me that “I think too much”. How is that even possible? I mean, would you tell Albert Einstein that he was thinking too much? Of course not. Being a female, with opinions, is not always acceptable to some men. I think what he may have meant, is that life is simple and we should not over-think every situation. I have a tendency to be sensitive in nature and I don’t process my environment in a simplified way. In other words, a man can look at a house and say:”Oh I like that A Frame.” I would look at the same house and say, “Oh what a charming home, I wonder if it’s available as a rental?” Hmmmm. Maybe the guy was trying to tell me I have a big mouth and it was a way to shut me up. At this stage in my life, I do know that it’s my logical mind that gets me in trouble.

Logic is not always useful when you are dealing with the paranormal. In other words, if you have a “feeling” something bad is going to happen, and say : “There is not scientific reason why I should listen to my “Inner Voice”, well, you could get into heaps of trouble…One day, in June, I had a strong feeling that I should stay at home. I had an uncany feeling if I got in my car, something bad would happen. Logic prevailed. I waved the “feeling” away like an annoying fly. Later that day, I got into a car accident. Now, I always listen to my Inner Voice.

Sometimes I still sense danger, even when bad things happen to other people. About a year ago, my husband was installing heavy glass shower doors in the bathroom. I had a “feeling” something was going to happen. So I said: “Let me help you with those doors”. He did not listen. So when he put the 2nd door into the rail, it hit hard, and smashed into a million or so pieces. He was very angry. Later that day, he said: “I didn’t want to tell you this, but right before I installed the door, I had a “VISION” that it was going to break.

I have no idea how to convince the non-believers that sensing danger is a skill we all have. We just need to abandon logic. Listen to that Inner Voice that guides you. It may just be your guardian angel whispering in your ear.