Abandon Logic / Thinking too hard can get you into trouble


beardy man The man in the photo is concentrating very hard. Note the focused gaze….His eyes seem to be seering a hole into your retinas…. or, not. It reminds me of people who think so long and so hard, they give themselves a migraine. Does he need a pill? Or, does he need to chill?

I remember the day when some guy told me that “I think too much”. How is that even possible? I mean, would you tell Albert Einstein that he was thinking too much? Of course not. Being a female, with opinions, is not always acceptable to some men. I think what he may have meant, is that life is simple and we should not over-think every situation. I have a tendency to be sensitive in nature and I don’t process my environment in a simplified way. In other words, a man can look at a house and say:”Oh I like that A Frame.” I would look at the same house and say, “Oh what a charming home, I wonder if it’s available as a rental?” Hmmmm. Maybe the guy was trying to tell me I have a big mouth and it was a way to shut me up. At this stage in my life, I do know that it’s my logical mind that gets me in trouble.

Logic is not always useful when you are dealing with the paranormal. In other words, if you have a “feeling” something bad is going to happen, and say : “There is not scientific reason why I should listen to my “Inner Voice”, well, you could get into heaps of trouble…One day, in June, I had a strong feeling that I should stay at home. I had an uncany feeling if I got in my car, something bad would happen. Logic prevailed. I waved the “feeling” away like an annoying fly. Later that day, I got into a car accident. Now, I always listen to my Inner Voice.

Sometimes I still sense danger, even when bad things happen to other people. About a year ago, my husband was installing heavy glass shower doors in the bathroom. I had a “feeling” something was going to happen. So I said: “Let me help you with those doors”. He did not listen. So when he put the 2nd door into the rail, it hit hard, and smashed into a million or so pieces. He was very angry. Later that day, he said: “I didn’t want to tell you this, but right before I installed the door, I had a “VISION” that it was going to break.

I have no idea how to convince the non-believers that sensing danger is a skill we all have. We just need to abandon logic. Listen to that Inner Voice that guides you. It may just be your guardian angel whispering in your ear.


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