Watching Fish, Lowers Blood Pressure!


KoiWatching fish LOWERS blood pressure… Try it !


TEN things to do when you are bored…



1. Read a book, I recommend Lawrence Block, Robert Crais, or Janet Evanovich.

2. Get a twitter page, follow News agencies, Actors, Comedians, and other people you find amusing.

3. Take a very long walk, breathe fresh air…(Nature awaits your arrival.)

4. Get involved with a new hobby, I don’t care if it’s underwater basket weaving, miniature golf, or joining a choir, just DO SOMETHING!

5. Buy something YOU need, forget about everyone else, and go get it. (Indulge yourself for once.)

6. Make a list of all the people that make you want to puke, then burn the list while chanting: “Jerks Go to Hell!” (Oh you might want to do this when the neighbors aren’t watching.  Be discreet, and if the list is long, keep a hose handy.)

7. Find out what makes you really happy, follow your Bliss.(If it’s illegal or harmful, you may want to “imagine” doing it.)

8. Go out with friends for lunch or dinner. (Food often gets the mind off the stress of BOREDOM.)

9. Eat something decadent… Ice Cream, Cream Puffs, Donuts, A piece of Pie, Chocolate Candy& anything dipped in chocolate. (Don’t do this every day or you’ll get chubby.

10. Day dream… (Think of the life you could have had, or picture yourself in an ideal setting and dream on… remember YOU DESERVE to be happy!!)    P.S. Peace to all who have read this.