Constantine with cigMatt Ryan 2Matt Ryan

If you want action, Blood, Guts and assorted Gore, by all means watch Constantine. The series is based on the comic book, Hellblazer and if you have been watching, it is one CRAZY ride. The main character is played by Welsh actor Matt Ryan, and even though he has a rough exterior, somehow he appears loveable. Go figure. (He is one good-looking bad-boy!) I love this show, it packs a wallop, and has the feel of a movie.



Car #4 ShelbyCar show 5Car show 12Car #5Car Show 8These are just a few of the cars I have seen at recent shows. Most of them, I WILL NEVER be able to afford. However, it is always fun to look at them and pretend that one day I may get a chance to ride in one. Pretty, Shinny and Expensive…What more could a guy or gal possibly want?