I’ve Got This Sinking Feeling


Sink Hole in roadI have seen the most AMAZING pictures of sinkholes lately. They can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. It is a scary feeling to know that beneath our feet there may be an empty pocket of space just screaming to open up.

sink holes

This is an example of a giant sinkhole that appeared in someones backyard. It is unbelievable that this type of phenomena continues to happen.

A sinkhole in Guatemala City

This very disturbing and extremely deep sink hole happened in Guatemala City. It looks like something from a horror film. One false step and you could be thrown into the abyss.

sink hole with pipes

I love this one because someone circled it with spray paint and then wrote: “Stay Back” next to it. This one looks like a gaping open wound.

These sinkholes are forming all over the world. Florida seems to be the most active “sink hole area” in the U.S.. Scientists blame the unstable ground, water, and soil erosion. Whatever the cause is, it just shows us how unpredictable natural disasters can be.


Lightning Storms


Bear hiding under bed

I have always enjoyed a good lightning storm. It is Mother Earth in all her glory, lighting up the skies and pouring forth rain. However, it isn’t pleasant for everyone. My dog dives under the bed and NOTHING can coax him out! All we see are his hind legs and docked tail…

Obviously, getting hit by lightning has some very scary side effects. Note the arm burns on this guy…

Lightning pattern on mans arm

I like the intensity of an electrical storm. If you get lucky enough to catch the storm on camera, it is always spectacular.

Lightning hitting Tall Buildings

A note to the wise. If you are on a golf course and it rains, DO NOT RUN FOR COVER UNDER A TREE ! Every year at least one or two people will do this and they get hit by lightning strikes.

Be Safe!!