Faces in Nature


English: Alien Contact

English: Alien Contact (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tree face    Hello my friends. It is almost Easter and I am in a holiday mood. (That’s a good thing. ) I want you to look carefully at this tree. When I came across this photo on the net, I had to laugh. The tree is sticking his tongue out. Mother Nature is giving us a “Razzberry“… Perhaps we deserve it.

Trees are very much alive, and this one seems to have a sense of humor. All of us are continually adapting, changing and mutating. Do you suppose the trees are going to start fighting back? (Like the ones in The Wizard of Oz?) Let’s hope not. That would be creepy.

I live in a place that is surrounded by rock formations. I often see faces that have been etched out of rock, and I marvel at how our world can seem alive with patterns and faces that are accidental. I sometimes enjoy rock collecting, and I have found strange patterns in many stones. Life is full of curious and odd things if we just look closely enough.

My sister told me a weird story I must relate. She was thinking about “Alien Life Forms” one day when she was attending a meeting. She looked in front of her, and saw a very unusual looking person. She has studied Anatomy and Physiology and she is well aware of what humans are “supposed” to look like. This individual did not seem human.( The eyes were strange, the nose was too small, and the clothing was bizarre.) Now I know my sister is not prone to exaggerations,  so she may have seen a person who is an Alien. (The ones from Another World, not “Across the border”.) Perhaps “Off-World” humanoids are already here. Do most of us really take time to look at strangers? 

I read another story about a guy in New York City who wanted to experience “Alien Contact”. He went to the Lobby of a large hotel, and sat for a while saying mentally: “I want to meet an ALIEN. If there is one near me, please sit next to me. ” He kept mentally repeating that he wanted to meet an alien. Perhaps hours elapsed. Then the strangest thing happened, a weird-looking man sat next to him. He KNEW this man was an ET (Extra-Terrestrial), and he was so shocked he could not say anything. The man just stared at the Alien, and the Alien man nodded. That was the entire extent of his communication. I would have said a few things, believe me.

I think it strange that I start talking about trees and end up talking about Alien Life Forms. That is how my brain works. I’m so strange, that I could start a conversation about doughnuts and end up talking about flying saucers. I should go back to writing Science Fiction. My mind wanders lie a drunken opossum.



What does a Rabbit have to do with Easter?


rabbitWell…. I really have no idea why they try to sell us on THE RABBIT THING during Easter. Rabbits don’t lay eggs, neither do baby chicks, so why do we associate them with Easter? It may have some early pagan significance. Easter comes during the Spring Solstice, and during earlier times, I think there was a lot of dancing and naked people around bonfires shouting at the moon. Perhaps they had rabbit stew afterward. (I don’t eat rabbit because the critters are too cute.) That’s my only rule. Don’t eat the meat of cute animals… I sound retarded, don’t I? Guilty as charged.

Easter is when Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord and that should involve a feast. Everyone loves a good banquet so that’s understandable.  Mom used to cook a ham. Now I don’t eat ham. (Pigs are way too cute.) I digress. It is a Christian celebration, so  with time, like Christmas, the whole Holiday has become rather commercial…hence, we have baby chicks (too cute to eat) rabbits (also too cute) and peeps. If you don’t know “peeps”, they are a sugary yellow glazed confection that is on the shelves at Easter time. If you eat peeps remember to drink lots of water. (That’s the antidote.)

Well I had fun, trying to figure out the origins of the Easter rabbit. I am positive some anthropologist in a dusty office, inside a University can set me straight as far as how the rabbit was rudely inserted into Easter celebrations. I hope they are reading this. I need to be edified. In the meantime, I am going to “Olsen’s” grain and play with the baby chicks. (They are cute until they grow up & then I eat them.)   😉