Cramped Quarters


home dome

I am in the middle of a big move, and currently reside in a small motel room. I share the room with a frisky Cattle dog and  my husband. Lately almost everything sets us off, and we fight over RIDICULOUS things. It’s a direct result of “Cramped Quarters”. We barely have enough room to breathe and we have been here a month. I would NOT wish this scenario on anyone I like!

I remember an experiment with rats, from my Psychology 101 class. Too many rats crammed into a small space causes them to turn on each other. Yes…they may even kill each other! After my experience here, I can not blame the rats. Each of us needs breathing room. It doesn’t take a bunch of RATS to figure that one out. (Hopefully in 3 days we will finally move out of the room we’re in, and PEACE will be restored in our “Kingdom” once again.)

The End  🙂


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