What are people afraid of?


spiderUrinalskull tree

Whether you are afraid of spiders, Girls dressed like urinals or trees that look skull-like, there is something scary out there for each person.  I am not a huge fan of scary movies, because most of them are sooooo fake it’s annoying. Crazy people with uncontrolled anger issues are much more frightening than Monster Movies. The REAL monsters seem to be involved in Politics. Now don’t groan! Remember who shut down the Federal government? I certainly had nothing to do with that.

I think as a species , we have a tendency to invent scary things in our own heads. That’s why our dreams are so scary. They are, according to Sigmund Freud, our unresolved fears or conflicts. Our inadequate attempts to control our environment scares us. Heck sometimes we get scared just driving down the road. Whatever scares you, do it in moderation tonight. I know it’s HALLOWEEN, but stay calm, it’s not worth a stroke or cardiac arrest.

PEACE BE TO ALL MY “peeps” !


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