Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind


ghost on stairwell

The above photo is an apparition “Caught” on film…or a double exposure. Whatever it is, it is rather impressive.I can see a woman in a low-cut gown, with one arm up waving, the other arm is down by her side. Ghosts often appear this way, some look like shadows, while others look just like us in our three-dimensional world.

I never really thought  ghosts existed until I started inter-acting with a few. The worst type of ghost can hit, punch, poke or grab a person. I remember after visiting a Native American Kiva site, one seemed to have latched on to me, then punched me hard in the arm. I thought at first it was my husband, but he was ten feet away from me when I felt someone hit me. No rocks were thrown, because I would have heard them hit the ground. The next day I had a bruise on my arm that was the diameter of a quarter. Weird…

I also saw a confused ghost of an elderly gentleman at a funeral parlor. The spot where he sat was icy cold. The surrounding areas were warm. I got the feeling that he did not know he was dead. He did not look at me, as if he were in a state of shock. He just sat quietly, as if he was waiting for something to happen.

I recall a time in High School,  when my friend and I saw an apparition of a cloaked Monk wandering around an old church. He started to walk toward us, and we screamed and ran away. (Boy, were we cowardly!) Now I’d probably smile and wave hello.

I also remember passing a construction site, when I was about thirteen and yelling: “Hey Poltergeist pick up a board and throw it !” Next thing I knew, a piece of wood came flying through the air towards me! I have NEVER been so scared. There was NO ONE there except me and a friend. The workers had left the site for the day. This ghost probably didn’t like obnoxious teenagers. I learned many lessons over the years about spirits; don’t tempt them, never mock them, and for goodness sake give them some space.


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