Distracted Driving


Bad Girl!

Believe it or not doing ALL of the above, while driving, IS NOT ILLEGAL in Arizona. That is me, “Posing” as a distracted driver. (I was in the driveway while my husband snapped the picture on my cell.) Oh by the way, that is a fake cigarette that blows “realistic” smoke. I use it in my “Magic Act”. I think I fooled about three people with that gag.

I am writing this because I want everyone to know that I have seen young people, old people, and middle aged people texting, smoking and drinking, some steering with elbows or knees, all over the place, (Here and in California). Are these people freakin’ kidding me??? It is not only dangerous as hell, you could “Take someone out” with that behavior. (Maybe that’s their point., death by auto.)

If you want to drink (alcohol) that’s fine, but do so when your designated driver is available, you want to text or talk, pull over where it’s safe, and smoke all you want, but don’t do it while chatting, eating, or multi-tasking. This is just common sense, and I’m not your momma, so I’ll say this only once… STOP!

I’m getting off the soap box now. You young wipper snappers probably hate me, but so be it. I have seen people all smashed up in hospitals where I once worked. Many never fully recover from injuries. I do not wish harm on any one of you.


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