Northern Arizona

Bio: Writer. Wood Carver. Psychic. Seer. Former medic, actress, and script writer. ( "Jack-ie" of all trades and MASTER of none.) I can see the visible and invisible realms. My great grandmother was a well known "seer". She also had the gift of visions.

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    • Xenophbia also means “FEAR OF STRANGERS”. I live in a small town in “rural” Arizona. A group of people deemed me unfit to be part of their organization. I was only trying to be a volunteer and HELP the community. After that, I began to fear making the same mistake. I keep to myself, and fear strangers, because I know all too well how easy it is to get burned. I am one of the first women in history to be fired from a job BEFORE it started! Xenophobia Lives and breathes, and will always be sympathetic to others who have been treated unfairly by judgemental people. They give off an “Auric Stench” that can be smelled a mile away. (Auric Stench means they have dirty auras, unclean intentions, and filthy minds.)

    • Often when you read my blogs, don’t take them at face value. Read between the lines. I am trying to predict future events, but use humor to lighten some of the more frightening things that are about to present themselves on this planet. As far as auric stench, I took that from a Brad Stieger book, but it is something that is REAL. When you meet someone who is dismally “down” and is bitter with life in general, don’t you just want to go home and wash off their smell? I know I do… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • mike

      Don’t ask me how exactly but I get you. I understand. You, of course, know you are not alone.Every group I join has this invisible wall I can not penetrate. Enough of me. I am reading your words to find ways to make my blog better–so selfish! My,me, I, …still about me!! mikeschindel@msn.com

  1. Hi as we know that the world is globalizing more and more people are developing global mindsets. Do you think Xenophobia may be diminishing?

    You have an interesting blog.
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The name xenophobia is used as: “FEAR of STRANGERS”, only that. Simply put…consult Webster’s. It was never meant to insult or harm, only to illuminate the fact that I have PARANOID tendencies. As far as world globalization, who told you that? Wolf Blitzer? CNN?? MSNBC?? Don’t believe what is force fed to us by News Media conglomerates.

  2. mike

    I am sorry to hear about your experience. Many female RCMP former cops are heading to court to fight their harrasment and loss of job up here.

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