Wacky things on the Internet


funny guys

Obviously these guys tried to take cuts in the “Fast-Lane” by building a car out of cardboard. Kudos for their ingenuity! However, the manager looks PO’ed and I doubt if they pulled it off…

Funny fry sculpture

Here we have another “fun-ster” creating a masterpiece at MacDonald’s. I guess he’d rather PLAY with his food then eat it.

funny kids

Looks like these twins are up to no good. They learn early how to drive mom crazy.

erasing thoughts

This is a clever piece of art work. Don’t YOU wish you could erase all the bad memories from your head?

Crazy Brits

Someone in England was very bored while stocking the shelves at a local shop. Both words are very naughty, and I’ll bet the culprit was a very horny teenaged boy.

Funny sign

This last list really got me. Men and women certainly have their brains wired differently.  :^)


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