Build a Tree House


tree house 8

If I had the space, time AND money I would build a tree house.

tree house 9

Like this one, I would give it easy “access”, such as building a lovely bridge.

tree house 1

I would make sure that my tree house had a lovely view of a lake and / or, a babbling brook.

tree house 3

My tree house would have locks on the doors and windows, so the trolls could not enter. (Trolls are such nasty house guests.)

tree house 2

I may even put in secret passage ways, with confusing twists and turns to confuse my enemies. If it looks like the above one, I may have to charge admission for those who want a quick “peek” !

tree house 5

If I had LOTS of money, I might build my tree house out of stone or cement to keep marauding monkeys out of my pantry. Last I heard, monkeys can NOT chew through solid objects.

tree house 6

If I want to drive someone CRAZY, I will build a round tree house and then tell then to sit in a corner. (Mean, but effective.)


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