Home Improvement



This is the new door that was installed 1 month ago. The man who built the door, and helped us design it , also does the doors at various hotels in Santa Fe. The side glass panel is tinted a deep smokey color. We can see out, but Nobody can see inside. The most awesome thing about the door is the hand-chiseled panels and deep rich stain.

Temple different angle

This gazebo made of thick and very sturdy wood is as tall as the house. My husband calls it the “Gallows”, and I refer to it as the temple. I want to put in a temporary roof, and adorn it with religious artifacts, My husband has other ideas…a noose? I have to say that is very morbid to say the least.

jacona foot path

This flagstone path is a work in progress. The design has been in place for a while, and my dear husband is in the process of laying the stones in cement. (Would you believe it used to be knee-high with weeds?) It is gorgeous now.

Aspens backyard

We have been weeding the back yard for weeks now. Our dog loves to roll around on the grass. It seems to be intoxicating for “Bear”. For me, the yard is magical because the Aspen trees are about 18 feet high, they give off lots of shade and on windy days the rustling leaves sound like water bubbling in a stream.

Bear Playing with ring

When we get done with the chores, there is always time to play with the dog.


One thought on “Home Improvement

  1. james

    Your santa fe house looks gorgeous…would you concider trading places. I live in butt :-<:-[:-C:'-(:'-(:( Arizona..hell hole..

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