My fascination with Monks…



My fascination with Monks began at age 14. At that age we are all highly impressionable, so if something happens that is significant, well…it sticks in our minds like glue. It all started in High School, not just any high school, but “Catholic School”.

There was this one priest/monk, who was called Father Al. His name was Albert, but we all called him Father Al because we thought we were “COOL”. He taught us “religion”. I used to stare at him for hours because he was so handsome. His skin was smooth as alabaster, he had dark hair, and laughing eyes. Funny, I never really understood why he would become a monk.

Since High school, I have visited monasteries, and wondered if the men there ever reach an enlightened state. They seem unhappy and bored! It’s just one of life’s conundrums. Does cutting yourself off from the world and praying all day make you a transcended being? Hmmm.

One thing I know for any certainty is that Father Al made me laugh, and for that, I am thankful. He is not among the living, he passed away 20 years ago, and is resting in the arms of angels. I’m sure the angels are laughing too.


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