Take a hike !


picturesque trail

Today I visited the mountains. Just outside of Santa Fe there is the most lovely mountain range, “The Sangrie de Christo’s” , translated that means “The Blood of Christ”. I have no idea why it was named Blood of Christ, but the area was once heavily populated with Catholic Fathers from Spain. No doubt they had something to do with the name.

We hiked up this rather steep hill to dine at a restaurant called The Ten Thousand Waves. Yes…. Weird name, but excellent food. I would describe the food as nouvelle Japanese. Small portions, big flavor, great service and $$$ in price. I can’t complain about the price, because the food was delightful !

Santa Fe is not like any place on Earth. It has its own very special blend of cultures, restaurants, museums and art galleries. There is never a lack of things to do, and it caters to tourists from around the world. The one thing I NEVER thought was there was hiking. I was wrong. There are even hiking trails.


One of my favorite places to visit is the Chapel of Loretto. It is here, that one can visit “The Miracle Staircase”. This spiral staircase has 3 complete 360 degree turns, and many believe it was built by St. Joseph himself, who appeared magically one day, after the local nuns prayed for a stairway, in order to reach their choir loft. He used no nails, just local wood, which he softened using heated water. The Chapel is privately owned now, and self-guided tours are available everyday.

Folk Art

Another fun hike is the one anybody can do is when you visit Canyon Road. Just off the Plaza area, canyon road has an eclectic mix of artists that suit anyone’s taste. From the most modern, to realism, with an odd mix of outsider art, it’s a feast for the eyes. Canyon road is a great place for anyone who enjoys art. The road winds around seemingly forever, and you could spend hours at a time, enjoying the sights.


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