It should be snowing here!


Snow in Taos

Here I am in the most lovely place on Earth, reporting LIVE from Santa Fe New Mexico… Unfortunately it’s been 60 degrees for the past five days. What happened to the freakin’ snow?? It is perhaps the HOTTEST Winter on record … Global warming? How about a very EARLY summer? Whatever it is, snow is just around the corner. A little bird told me on the 22nd we should see snow. I inserted the above photo to show you what Santa Fe should look like.

ufo, triangular

I am also happy to report there are NO ALIENS in Santa Fe. Let me clarify this, NO OFF- WORLD ALIENS anyway. The “other” aliens, as in non-resident aliens, are frequent guests here. So the good news is NO ONE will be abducted here anytime soon. I’m happy about this because I am here for R&R. (Rest & Relaxation.)

surprize, I'm on camera !I threw in this “Photo-Bomb” because it was just too funny!! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Santa Fe. I just needed a good laugh… Isn’t that what life is all about?       ❤  LeeLee


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