FUN things to do with your IRISH WOLF HOUND


Irish wold hound 5

1. Let your Irish wolf hound sit ANYWHERE he wants. He’s probably going to do that anyway, so buy “BIG’ chairs.

Irish wolf hound 1

2. By all means, let your wolf hound sleep on your legs. You may lose circulation to YOUR body parts, but it is sooooo worth it. They love to snuggle!

Irish wolf hounds 7

3. Give them plenty to drink. If it’s a BEER or a “PINT”, let them have it. Are you going to argue with a 250 lb. beast? I think not !

Irish wolf hounds 4

4. TAKE THEM DANCING!! Obviously, they enjoy a lively “Two Step”, as illustrated in the above photo.

Irish wolf hounds 8

5. Take them to a PARADE… They will be the center of attention. They are the same size of the “FLOATS”, so they’ll fit right in.


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