Those FIVE dreaded things you should NOT do!


Danger wordpress!

#1. Whatever you do, DO NOT drink and write. Drinking loosens the inhibitions and may make your writing unintelligible. In other words, you could end up sounding STUPID & LAME.This does not apply to seasoned writers!! It WORKED for Hemingway.

#2. Never give people directions to your HOUSE. This may end badly for you, if you do this. Either the Police or an unwanted “Relative” may show up at your door. They will either arrest you, or smell up your bathroom. Either way, you lose.

#3. Never say anything mean about people you know while writing a blog. This is called LIBEL. It’s a BOZO-NO-NO. If you want to “Talk Smack” about someone, CHANGE THEIR NAME. If you use a similar name, it still might get you in trouble. Just use the name “John Doe”. No one cares about THAT GUY!

#4. Never copy the work of others, and then, PRETEND you wrote it. This is called PLAGIARISM. If you re-work another blog or re-copy a piece of literature, merely give credit to the original author. (English 101).

#5. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Writing should be a free art-form for those who love to write. This is NOT the New York Times. It is a Blogger “Spot”. Since Blogger, rhymes with Logger, feel free to swing away. Let thy Pen, be thy Axe!

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