The Plague of the Millenium… BAD MEDICINE


Crazy Doctors

Health Care providers in my small town are INSANE. They have started their own plague, and it’s called BAD MEDICINE. They took a Hippocratic Oath that states: “FIRST… DO NO HARM”. Unfortunately, they did not take the Oath seriously.

There is one doctor in our community who signs up patients, and charges the Insurance Company $300. for an initial “VISIT”. After a week or so, he sends out a form-letter, one-sided, to all his patients. It reads something like this: Dear Patient, the doctor feels like your are incompatible with him, and he refuses to see you as a patient… (Oh he is definitely Milking the system, and stealing from the insurance companies. I consider him a thief.)

This doctor, let’s call him Dr. Mal Practice, does not listen to complaints, does not order tests, nor does he write prescriptions. After two minutes of listening, he merely shrugs his shoulders and states: “All your problems are from OLD AGE!” That’s it. I came in with dizziness, headaches, and stomach problems. Later, my dizziness caused me to fall and break my arm. The man is incompetent and a clear danger to others. I was one of his victims.

Another doctor told me my facial swelling was from sleeping. She did not give me any other explanation. She did not even hint that it may be a food allergy, or exposure to a chemical. She merely stated that I should sleep in a different position. What? Sleep standing up perhaps? She is crazy, and I wouldn’t recommend she see my worst enemy. She too is dangerous.

Crazy doctors IV

Before I see a doctor, I get on the internet and try to get a background on these physicians. In my small town, the information is absurdly absent or not available. Perhaps they are in the midst of litigation? Whatever the reason, at this point I can no longer trust what is available.

The worst experience was when I went to see a “Nurse Practitioner”. She did NOTHING but lecture me about how she disliked the medication I was taking. She told me she would prescribe something else. When I went to the pharmacy, nothing was called in. When I had the pharmacy tech call to check up on the meds, she was told the “Nurse Practitioner” did not like me, and she cancelled the prescription for high blood pressure medicine, the same medicine, she told me was necessary to save my life. I truly believe this one had some sort of Bi-Polar Disorder, or was having a psychotic episode. I was not happy that I got another CRAZY one. I really feel that anyone who has had only had 4 years of Nursing school, should NEVER be allowed to “PLAY” doctor.


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