Character actor, Alan Rickman


Alan Rickman

When I think of great character actors, I think of Alan Rickman.He’s witty, charming, intelligent and can play any character. Whether he’s yelling at Harry Potter or Playing a Shakespearian actor who despises his role as an alien, you’ve just got to love this guy. HE BRINGS IT. Whatever he does as an actor he does it perfectly.

The first time I saw him was in the 1988 film, “Die Hard“.  He wasn’t on-screen very long, but his character was memorable. We have learned to love his characters, and believe it when he plays the villain… He’s always delightfully BAD. The audience just eats it up.

Alan as Snape

He is known by many as playing Sneverus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. Every time he encounters poor Harry, he spits his name out like he’d just swallowed poison. It’s fun watching him because he so darn nasty.

Alan, Galaxy Quest

In Galaxy Quest, he played a Shakespearian actor, who feels playing an alien is beneath him. Alan Rickman was brilliant in this role, as well as being, hysterically funny. There isn’t any role he couldn’t tackle, and his large and impressive body of work proves it.


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