Nielsen Ratings and how they Influence Networks


television remote control

Do you ever wonder why your favorite shows get cancelled? I have often wondered that myself. Star Trek (The Original) was slated for cancellation, but there was so much noise from the fans, it was brought back to life and had great success with the re-runs. Who were the squishy b-stards who made the decision to cancel this ICONIC show in the first place? One word answer: The Nielsen.

So what is a Nielsen anyway, you may ask? It is a “World-Wide” organization who uses random families to make decisions. According to my research, people are given, (AT RANDOM), surveys to fill out via email, or through regular mail.They are then given “Magic Boxes” which are attached to televisions. These boxes record what they watch… Sound scary so far? Hold on, it soon will be… They don’t ask intelligent, well-informed, young hipsters, who watch loads of TV, or those who engage in “Social Media” on the internet. (No, that would make SENSE.) They give the magic boxes to random people. The boxes record everything that the Nielsen Families , and ONLY the Nielsen families, watch. They are the ones, who get to vote for YOUR TV SHOWS.

I asked to partake of the survey. They said no. I asked to get more information and they stone-walled me. The most frightening thing I heard was: “We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for cancelling TV shows” …. Yes they are! If the ratings from Nielsen are not high enough, your favorite show gets cancelled.The LIE I was told was right up there with: “You can keep your own INSURANCE!!” The Networks use The NIELSEN ratings as a “Divining Rod“. Like God, they have the FINAL word.

Here’s the good news. If enough fans make NOISE about a show cancellation, that sometimes trumps The Nielsen polls. So all hope may not be lost. YOU DO COUNT… You can hound the network with letters, and make a stink. Social Networking is monitored by the Networks and does count for something. I may be one small voice crying in the wilderness, BUT my VOICE is strong.

television and twitter

(Imagine that, someone is paying attention to TWITTER!!)


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