James McAvoy, The Actors’ Actor


James McAvoy

I don’t know about a lot of things, but I do know good acting. When I went to College I studied acting. (Probably why I DO NOT have a job at the moment.) Acting is a thankless profession, and only about 2% of actors get a living wage. If you make it as an actor, usually it is short-lived, since 36 is considered old… Yeah, it not just an impossible profession, it is one with many pit falls, including having to put ACTING on the top of your priority list. Acting comes first and relatives, family, and friends usually come in second. (Kind of like being married to a CIA agent.)

Okay … enough about ME. James McAvoy was born in Scotland in 1979. The first time I saw him was in “The Chronicles of Narnia“, when he played a faun. (A memorable performance, I may add.)  He is also known for being in “The Last King of Scotland“, “X-man First Class” and “Wanted” with Angelina Jolie. He even did the lead Voice-Over work in “Arthur Christmas“. He may not have a huge body of work behind him, but in each role, he shines.

What I admire about James McAvoy is his ability to create  characters that are unbelievably likeable. Whether he is playing a faun or an assassin, he impresses his audiences. Most actors don’t make much of a mark when they attack a role. He seems to live and breathe the roles as if he were transformed anew. Not many in his profession can do this. He stands alone. There is also a vulnerability within him, that seems to bubble just beneath the surface. This fact, combined with his acting chops, makes him one of my favorite actors. I predict many wonderful leading roles for him in the future.

James McAvoy 5

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