Are YOU a Pathfinder?


Urban gone Native

I don’t have to tell anyone how to be a rebel. It is a person who BENDS the rules, and eventually, after much pain and effort, makes their mark on the world. In the movie, “Pathfinder” starring Karl Urban, we see how fighting to stay alive is sometimes tricky. The movie has a few plot twists that are unexpected, especially when we find out who the PATHFINDER truly is… (No spoiler alert here, watch the movie, it has heart and grit.)

I myself, have taken the “Road Less Traveled” many times in my life. First by studying Theatre, and afterwards joining the military. I never chose “popular” roles in life, especially ones chosen by the average woman. I was a Rebel without a Clue… My path was always rocky, but at least I have traveled and experienced life to its fullest. We have choices in life that are tough. Picking the easy road will NEVER make you a “Path-Finder”.  😉


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