Almost Human, A FAN Favorite


Urban between scenes

Let’s get real people. A TV show will not last unless it gets good ratings!! Most people know this, sadly, many do not. At the bequest of producers, Actors have taken to “Social Media” sites in order to seduce the fans to watch. Well, it has worked on me. I’m a big fan of Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist. None of these shows have much in common,other than the fact that they have the best actors in the business. Let me add, that the production quality of these shows is beyond impressive.  Now how the hell do I know this? I was part of the Acting profession myself in the eighties. My sisters,( Both my younger and older sister) have strong ties to “Show Biz”. One works in post-production, the other caters to the throngs of actors, producers, directors, crew, etc. in Hollywood, who visit her shop.

For three days, I have heard about the possible cancellation of Almost Human, and it made me wonder. Can I possibly do ANYTHING to stop the NETWORK from cancelling a show? We all can do something… Watch the shows you like. Write about them on blogs. Oh, and tweet your little hearts out ! I have been doing this for almost two months, because of the heartache I felt when “Human Target” got the axe. It was a fabulous show, and then the critics started writing scathing reviews, and then, as if someone waved a MAGIC WAND, it was gone… Positive feedback from fans can help resurrect a show if it is faltering. I am just one tiny voice in a sea of many, but please, if you love these shows WATCH. If you can’t, TAPE THEM…

Last night, Michael Ealy was actually “Live Tweeting” and answering fan questions. It was really interesting to have the star of a TV show available to interact with fans. Orlando Jones, from Sleepy Hollow has been doing the same thing. Guess what my friends? I’m extremely impressed that these charming, witty, intelligent men, have put themselves out there for us. Let’s give something back… Let them know, they are loved. I do.  😉


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