What would it be like to be a SPY ?


spy at key hole

I really think I’d make a lousy spy. I wouldn’t like to break into people’s houses or offices, (Too risky), or riffle through their underwear drawer looking for a code to the safe. It would be rather tedious to gather endless amounts of information on someone, and then hand it over the “secrets” to your boss, a lazy, corpulent turd, with a bad disposition, who by the way, will get ALL THE CREDIT for your work. (I hate him already & I never met the man.)

Spying is mostly intelligence work; listening to conversations and collecting data. It doesn’t have much to do with meeting Exotic people in foreign countries. This is just a fabrication made up by Hollywood to entertain the masses. It just doesn’t sound like fun to me. I think that if friends found out that I was a SPY, they would hate me. (I need all the friends I can get, thank you.)

The only thing appealing about spy-work is the drama. Some people love drama, ie; bullets whizzing past your head, people screaming, riding in fast cars, and meeting fascinating people who live on yachts. That is the stuff of fantasy. If you are that kind of “adrenaline junkie” then join a Law Enforcement Agency in a large city. There will be enough action eventually, to give you a thrill. The only drawback? A big case of PTSD. { Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.}


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