I saw an “orb” in my Bedroom…


white orb

This morning, at around 6 am, I felt someone grab my foot and shake me until I woke up. I just figured it was my husband who sometimes wakes up at 3am. Well… I bolted upright from a sound sleep, and I seemed to be A L O N E. I remember looking at the bathroom door and saw a small white ball of light.

I seem to have had a visitor of the “ghostly” kind. This was not shocking to me, since spirits seem to be attracted to me for some reason. I merely got up, and took the dog out for a walk and resumed my daily routine. I have had other similar experiences, but this is my first visual sighting.

The attached photo is NOT one that I photographed myself. I have taken orb photos, but the above shot was impressive, so I added it to this blog. (Usually, they are not quite so distinct.)


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