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Mind Control is nothing new. It is something that we are exposed to on a daily basic and might not even be aware of how it is effecting our lives. I believe the most blatant form of mind control are in the form of TV commercials. They play over and over, until we have the darn things committed to memory. The pharmaceutical companies have taken over the airwaves and want us to BELIEVE we all have a DISEASE. Chronic Dry Eyes, Shaky Leg Syndrome, Low T (testosterone), Fibromyalgia, Anxiety… The list is very long, and I don’t have to bore you to death with listing them all.

How do we fight back from the onslaught of mind control? I suggest tapping many of your favorite shows, then when you re-play them, you can blow past them and chose NOT to watch. Turning off the television or lowering the sound is an option. However, the best way to fight back is to realize what is happening and ignore what the sponsors are trying to spoon feed you. Do some research, and NEVER let your TV tell you what to do.

The worse kind of mind control is not very obvious. It happens on the News channels. They feed us news that is “Filtered”. We are only hearing one side of the story, and if you think they often get things WRONG, then you are right. I worked in the Medical Field for many years, and the medical reports are so mis-leading that it is SCARY. What the “Medical Experts” prescribe may not be right for you. Find a doctor you TRUST, and listen to His/Her advice. New drugs, are always risky, because they have no proven track record.Oh sure they do drug trials, but often only on healthy, adult males! Side affects from drugs can KILL YOU. If you have any doubts my friends, please get a second opinion.


3 thoughts on “MIND C O N T R O L …

  1. marlin55

    I couldn’t agree more with your blog. I had a conversation about this subject several yeas ago with a colleague of mine. He told me that a team of researchers made up a list of symptoms, labeled the condition, and publicized it. It wasn’t long before people began showing up with the list of symptoms. As for myself I don’t watch commercials.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I have had this blog for over a year, and I often wonder if people are reading it. According to the “numbers” I’m getting hits, but rarely comments. I appreciate your reply.
      What you wrote about makes a lot of sense, since doctors are now complaining that their patients are learning what drugs to ask their doctor for. The information they are receiving is from television. I hate to think that the pharmaceutical companies are controlling the general population through TV ads. If we continue to allow them to control the airwaves, it will only get worse.

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