Robot LOVE ?


robot LOVE

In last weeks episode of “Almost Human” they had a show about “sex Bots”. That merely means that in the future, people will buy robots for sexual purposes. Now look closely at this photo. Does this woman look happy to you? Not only does the guy look creepy, but he looks BORED! He has that expression on his face that says: “Oh No… NOT again”. No wonder she looks unhappy, her “date” is made of polyethylene – carbonate.

I do think that the trend to have Robots as partners is coming. (Excuse the pun.) On-line dating ain’t perfect, and people don’t go to clubs or pubs to meet people anymore. I suppose one solution is to cough up 4 grand and get a fake partner. It seems like a desperate move, but if you fear intimacy, then it may just work for you.

I can’t imagine waking up to a cold caress from a Robot. Call me old-fashioned, but the whole thing seems too freaky. If it was my last resort, and I was tired of the dating scene, I suppose it could happen. At this point, dating Robots is just too much like an episode of Twilight Zone.


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