Wow… I just got trolled…



If you are not aware of what trolling is, let me fill you in. These are people who only say negative stuff about the work or lives of others. The Bible says :  “Judge NOT, lest ye be judged.” Well “Trolls” judge others with harsh words and put-downs because they don’t have the testicles to say it to others face-to-face.

I write some pretty weird stuff, that many can not fathom. It’s my blog, so I figure why the heck not. Even if I get ridiculed, mocked and libeled, I’m not stopping. My message is clear folks. This blog is called Zand’s Wacky World, not “I’m a BORING SOB that never thinks outside the box.” It’s fine to take a jab at someone you don’t know, the internet is an anonymous entity. But really I wish you guys would “MAN – UP”.  Put your photo next to your comments. Let me take a look out the guy that thinks I’m a freak.  (Put that in your pipe and smoke it!)



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