Government Denies Alien Existence…


Tall grey alienNordic alien 2alien, reptilianTall White Aliens

The Government of the United States continues to deny the existence of alien races, even though they are probably pulling the wool over our eyes. The above drawings are a collection are renderings by people who have seen them. It is obvious that there are many different races, NOT just the short, bug-eyed “greys”.

Rumor has it, that our government is not only aware of the alien presence on Earth, but we are working with them. I urge everyone to look on the subject of aliens with an open mind. I know this is difficult, since there has been so much dis-information as well as cover-ups on this subject.

In the 80’s, I myself did some research into the subject, and things got so weird, I had to abandon my efforts. The people I met were just plain “NUTS” and I had trouble deciphering what was real and what was fiction. Either people are actually seeing aliens, or our planet is full of delusional people who aren’t seeing anything but hallucinations. Or are they actually experiencing something we can’t comprehend?

I found one interesting thing to be true. People who have contact with aliens are given “SCREEN MEMORIES” to erase the memory of alien encounters. They will remember owls, deer, or other critters, but NOT the alien encounter as it truly happened. So now you have to ask yourself…. Have YOU seen a deer lately? An owl?? Penguin???



8 thoughts on “Government Denies Alien Existence…

  1. Oh how I love being mocked. THAT is the reason I can’t be a UFO investigator. I have thin skin…
    Also, try reading Ezekial in the BIBLE. “A wheel in a wheel?” If you have a rational explanation for that let me know. I am rather dumb sometimes… Take me to school.

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