Meeting and Listening to Charles James Hall


Charles James Hall

If you have NEVER heard of Charles James Hall, and are interested in the bizarre or unusual, then look him up on UTUBE. This is how I first found out about his experiences with extraterrestrials. His stories are interesting and compelling, and YES, Out of this World.

I just came back from Sedona‘s MUFON meeting, (Mutual UFO Network.) This organization has introduced me to a lot of researchers in the areas of UFO’s, aliens, and even abductees. This group surprised me by having Charles Hall, because I have been listening to his lectures on utube for over a year now, and have become a fan of his “work”.

So here are some of the things he covered… While in the U.S. Airforce , between 1965 and 1967, he was stationed at a remote site near area 51, on the Nellis Air Base in Nevada. He was given the position of “Weather Observer”, and often roamed the hills late at night. On many occasions he encountered a group of Alien Beings he calls the tall whites.

According to Charles Hall, the Airforce is working with these alien beings, in some sort of symbiotic manner. The aliens give us technology, and we allow them a landing area out in the boonies of Nevada. They have a strange language that sounds like birds or other animals, and they have the ability to speak English. The tall whites have even been known to dress up like humans, and go into the casinos in Las Vegas late at night. Apparently, they like to play black-jack…

I was able to speak with Charles Hall and his wife Marie before the talk this evening both seemed rather charming and down to Earth. I have met other people in the UFO field, and usually this is not the case. Many “experiencers” and researchers are NOT friendly, and act rude or stuffy. The Hall’s were just the opposite. They were very kind, and when he signed my book he thanked me. The man seemed very real as well as humble. (Well how could I not be impressed?)

I can recommend anyone interested in the subject of UFO’s or extraterrestrials to research this subject, and come to your own conclusions. I have to say utube, a vast amount of book reading, TV programs and personal experiences have led me down this particular path. A lot of information out there is completely bogus, so you may have to learn to separate the Wheat from the Chaff. Oh well, such is life. The government is covering up a lot of information on the subject. I think the powers that be, may think the weak-minded can NEVER accept the fact that aliens are among us.


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