Visitors from another World


ufo, triangular

On Friday night I will be attending a lecture given by a man who is convinced that Aliens exist. Not only does he believe in them, according to the stories he tells, he has also interacted with them. He doesn’t seem to be a crackpot, so I’m fascinated by what he’ll say. I just hope that he answers questions from the audience, because I have a few good questions for him. These are some of the questions I’d LOVE to ask:

#1. Have you met “The Men in Black” ? (A legitimate question, since a few people I have met have encountered them. The “REAL” Men-In-Black often threaten others when they talk about UFO’s and Aliens.)

#2. Do Alien beings Like humans, or are they just using Earth as a convenient “Port” for their ships?

#3. Describe their eyes in detail, are they human looking, big and black, colored, etc.?

#4. Do their ships have the ability to morph into different shapes at will?

#5. Why are you able to speak freely about this subject, since the Military and Government seem to have a flagrant plan of “DIS-INFORMATION” in place ?

#6. I’ve been hearing about Greys for years, since the 70’s… why do your Alien Friends seem so vastly different?

#7. Forgive me for asking this information, but why come forward at all? You open yourself up for ridicule and abuse from others, so doesn’t that bother you?? (I know this is true, from the comments people leave after seeing his videos.)

#8. These humanoid beings you mention, are they capable of mental telepathy?

#9. Are you still in contact with these beings, if not, are they still here, on Earth?

#10. Why doesn’t the Government tell us the truth about Extraterrestrials? I for one am sick of all the Government “Cover-ups”, and the widespread denial by government entities.


4 thoughts on “Visitors from another World

    • Yes I met Mr. Charles Hall and am currently reading Millenium Hospitality II. His books are on Amazon, but I purchased a book from his wife. It was an exciting talk, but let me tell you , his BOOK is awesome AND very scary.

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