Is YOUR Brain Out of Order?


Simon Peg with sign

First of all, I want to THANK Simon Pegg of “Sean of the Dead” , “Hot Fuzz“, and “Paul” fame for the unauthorized use of his photo. He has inspired me to share a story with you. It will begin like all good stories with sadness and despair…

I try very desperately to be like other people, but I’m not. I am an artist. That gives you a clue right there, there is something the matter with me. I am a sensitive soul, therefore when I hurt, my pain goes deeper than most, yes it reaches to the core of my soul. Excuse, the poetic way of describing my personality, but I’m dramatic, even when it comes to writing.

I am in the process of selling my house, and we have people now on a daily basis “gawking” at its exterior, sniffing around the inside like canines on the hunt, and not making any lucrative offers. You see, these are the “Looky Loos”. They will haunt your dreams as well as your nightmares. The last couple DID NOT even have their place for sale, they were just LOOKING. Here’s the thing, our Escrow fell through, now I have to give tours of the house to the “WORLD AT LARGE”.

I am not a happy camper. I am so exhausted by this deluge of humanity, I just want to puke. Somebody make an offer already, or stay at home and watch “Sell this House” on Home & Garden TV. Please don’t waste my time. If they are NOT in Escrow, I do not think they should be sniffing around my house. The last people, NOT EVEN A THANK YOU, for letting us show the home at the last-minute. I am the one who cleans the floors, vacuums the rugs, hides the dish cloths, scrubs the tubs, greets the Looky Loos and gives them the “guided tours”….If I could, I would charge admission. We have a custom-built, energy-efficient, conveniently located gem on the market, and people are treating me like I’m selling a $2.oo dish rag-made in China. WTF?

I feel sorry for ANYONE going through this ordeal. Soon I will be “OUT OF ORDER” and will close up shop on this brain. If we do go through ANOTHER Escrow and it falls through, that’s it, FINITO! There won’t be any more agents, Looky Loos or false attempts at a sale. I will simply refuse to put myself through any undo stress. It has gotten ugly already, and my husband? Well Mr. “Cool” is teetering on the edge, so he may just “loose it” himself…


One thought on “Is YOUR Brain Out of Order?

  1. mike

    I’m sorry to hear you are stresssed. This may sound cheesy but I find if I can operate at zero expectation an event will go fine.It is what it is. Key to happiness: zero expectation.

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