My strange encounters with animals


snow leopard close up

If you have read any of the boring blogs I have written so far, you must know that I am an animal lover. I believe that animals sense if we are a danger to them. The trick to not being afraid of them, is to be around them and learn to respect the animal. If you don’t respect them, they will never like or trust you. Humans seem to be much easier to fool.

In the 90’s my husband and I traveled to Scotland. While in Edinburgh, we visited the zoo. It is a beautiful zoo, and the animals seem to be well cared for and relatively happy. The most outstanding exhibit was the snow leopard. I had been to zoos previously, but never recall seeing a snow leopard. There are, to say the least, magnificent to behold.

The snow leopard enclosure had a thick plexiglass partition separating the animal from the spectators. When I walked by, the animal got up on his hind legs and pawed at the enclosure, as if he wanted to play. I thought this was odd behavior. I asked my husband to walk by the leopard, to see if the animal reacted. When my husband walked by, the animal ignored him. I tried walking by the leopard over and over and each time he saw ME, he got up and pawed at the enclosure door. Perhaps I smelled good enough to eat… Most likely his trainer was a female and he preferred women. Whatever the reason, the leopard found me alluring.

This is not the only time animals have reacted to me in a strange way. I remember being inside an aviary at zoo and a King Fisher kept following me around the enclosure. We sat down to eat, and he actually perched himself above my heard and stared at me for several minutes as if he adored me. He was obviously attracted to me for some reason. I have had hawks and other flying creatures fly right toward me and land, and gaze longingly into my eyes. God’s creatures just love me for some reason, and I feel blessed every day that I am able to get them to come right up to me with no fear. I have some sort of weird animal magnetism going on that has certain animals going wild for me. Oh and by the way, I DO NOT have the same effect on men.

King Fisher

King Fisher (Photo credit: Greencolander)


2 thoughts on “My strange encounters with animals

  1. mike

    My experience with dogs is that the scared person is the one most likely to get bitten.(bitten?is that a word?) Maybe animals can sense your positive energy.

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