Halloween can be SCARY! Ooooooooooooo.


pumpkin face                    Jack-O-Lantern

I love the idea of Halloween. Even as a child it conjured up all kinds of happy thoughts. It was a day when Trick or Treating meant a bag full of candy, and dressing up as whatever ghoul or goblin you felt would suit your fancy.

Even though I normally dress in regular attire on Halloween, I still enjoy the holiday. Now is the time of year when every scary movie you can name will be aired on television. You can curl up next to the TV set, with a bowl of hot buttered popcorn and watch blood curdling screams emanate from your flat screen. Oooooooooooo, sooooo scary. (Spell Check just had a massive stroke out.)

No matter what you do, please enjoy yourself. Don’t get roaring drunk at some party and drive your car into a tree. (That would be scary and not much fun for the tree.) Remember what the holiday was like in its infancy, ALL HALLOWS EVE. Back then, you were supposed to dress like a saint and act normal. My… has the tradition been perverted. In other countries, Halloween is NOT a holiday at all. The CRAZY Americans made the whole thing up… but then, we Yanks are a nutty lot, so no one’s surprised.


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