Escrow fell through the cracks…


cheap people

This is my sad tale. Yesterday, I was informed that our escrow fell through. Our “buyers” were insane. First these “Cheap” B-stards wanted a 30,ooo dollar  price reduction, then the washer, dryer and yes , even the refrigerator! We were close to closing the deal and then they asked for a NEW ROOF. About 8,000 dollars worth of roofing that would come out of our pocket. The saddest thing about this story, is that cheap people are everywhere, and they expect something for nothing. By the way, there was not much wrong with the roof.

I am sooooo glad that these people are not buying our house. They would probably paint it purple and open up a BROTHEL. These people treated us like they were at a Tijuana swap meet. I’m surprised they didn’t ask for our cars, a boat and our first-born son. Next time I will ask our “Realtors” to VET these people BEFORE letting them step into our home. Both my husband and I got “played” like a cheap fiddle. I pity the poor fool that lets these “BUYERS” into their home. They are out for blood, and used every play in the book to squeeze every cent we put into our precious home. All I have to say to them is KARMA is a real Beeeotch!!!

I advise anyone who is selling to beware of people asking too much too soon. If you give ’em an inch, they will take a mile. Dr. Phil would say they have “NO MORAL COMPASS”. (That is putting it mildly.) Also, pick Realtors who are both experienced and aggressive. Being mild-mannered and polite is best left to socialites. Now we are going to make improvements on the roof, and raising our asking prices. Low-balling us on the price will NOT be an option. We learned our lesson the hard way.



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