Sometimes it’s OK to S C R E A M !!


Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo (Photo credit: quicheisinsane)


Lately there has been a lot of fussin’ and fightin’ going on in my house. Why? We decided to make a major life change and move out-of-town. We have to deal with inspectors, agents, moving companies, trucking companies and worst of all, the opinions of others. I usually want to hear what other people want to say, but lately, I just want everyone to SHUT UP. From the immortal words of Ms. Greta Garbo, “I vant to be left alone. (She never said : I vant to be alone, that was a mis-quote…)

I have been through this kind of experience before, but it’s much easier for one person to handle the load. So I’m going to let go and let GOD figure it out.I am too exhausted to argue about mundane things anymore. To save or not to save precious heirlooms, clothing, or dog toys seems so agonizingly tedious… My new Mantra: “If I can’t use it, donate it.” I even have a new song, and the lyrics are “Throw it away, throw it away now. If I keep it, I’m just a lazy cow.” ( No it will never be a hit song.)

I do NOT envy anyone moving. It takes time, and will stress anyone out. We have boxes piled to the ceilings and the dog is walking around dazed. He knows something is up, yet he can’t quite figure out what’s happening. We have moved his bed to the other room, so he must think his human companions are going crazy. Well we are sort of going crazy, so he’s not far off. So if I want to scream now and then, I think I’m entitled. (Note: If you ever hear your neighbors scream, they are probably in the process of moving, and who can blame them?)



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