My computer CRASHED…


smashed computer

Well my friends, I’m back on WordPress. My COMPUTER is back working after one month at the factory. Luckily I purchased a 3 year, factory warranty and was able to get it fixed. Sound like a bummer huh? It was. (No the above photo does not reflect what happened to my computer.)

My hard drive had “issues” according to the technician that inspected it. Let me tell you, the frustration is endless, since I never found out what actually happened to my hard drive. It could have been a family of unfriendly Martians that took control of the unit, and used it to try and drive me insane. They nearly succeeded.

The real killer was, that after a month at the FACTORY, I started to get worried I’d never see my poor machine again. So I did what others have tried to do, I called the company and try to get a “status”. Lucky me, the guy on the other end of the phone told me my name did not match my phone number, and then I got disconnected. I think that is code for:  “Let’s sell this broads’ computer on the black market.” My mounting frustration turned to anger, and I was convinced I would NEVER see my computer again. Alas, just when I was on the brink of despair, my computer arrived on my doorstep…. Even though my name does not match my phone number.

Do I need to tell you how impersonal VOICE MAIL SYSTEMS, NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOMER SUPPORT PEOPLE, and an ENDLESS BARRAGE of UNCERTAINTY can truly cause EMOTIONAL distress?? That is what I’ve dealt with over the past month. It stinks. Also as a side note to the President: Instead of force feeding Americans BAD INSURANCE, can you please give us back the jobs that are farmed out to Foreign Countries?? If we had are jobs back, we’d have insurance! Enough said.


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