Having a rough night?


Rough night

There are times when sleep evades me. I just can’t fall asleep, or worse still, I can’t stay asleep because I wake up in the middle of the night. If you can sleep eight hours without interruptions, count your blessings. A few years ago, I started to wake up at 3 0r 4 in the morning because of a dreadful pain in my head. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s sheer agony. (They call them ALARM CLOCK headaches.) Believe me, I’d rather hear a clanging alarm clock than suffer the insult of a headache. It’s such a complete nightmare and I would NOT wish them on anyone. I feel like this lady in the photo sometimes, because we have something in common. My bed is no longer the “Comfort Zone.”

I’m almost positive you’re thinking: “She MUST be a boozer”. The mere thought of alcohol makes me sick. I am not a drinker. Drugs? No, can’t afford them, and don’t need them. On rare occasions, I take Tylenol, aspirin, never. So what is my problem? Well I blame menopause, or should I say: MEN… a PAUSE. Everything bad seemed to happen once the “Change” occurred. I think they should rename it to : “Hell Fire, No Sleep Disease”. I hope I get to heaven, just so I can Bloody Cool Off!

No one talks about menopause because it’s not POLITE conversation. Really? I’m old enough now, that I can talk about anything. After 50, most women suffer from menopause, some rarely, not at all. It’s just the cross I have to bear. It stinks I know, but things could be worse… I could have all kind of weird things wrong with me, including insanity. Right now, my sanity is just fine. I owe my stability to clean living, an understanding spouse, and keeping busy. Crazy just isn’t on my list of options…


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