Do you see them? They are ubiquitous…


I see stupid peopleEverywhere in this world you are going to find STUPID people. I see them in the grocery store, in the malls, at tourist destinations, and yes, I have even had them wake me up via the phone to try to sell me something. I am happy there are dumb people, because they make me feel just a tad bit smarter. (You may not admit it, but you probably feel the same way I do.)

About a month ago, I went to a new restaurant. If you are familiar with the world of business, you know how risky opening a restaurant is. It is a horrible investment, since the majority of people lose more money than they make. That being said, I decided to try a NEW restaurant. I told the waitress, to  let the cook know not to BURN the meat. When I got the meal, my meat was charcoal black. I would not feed burned meat to my dog, much less eat it myself. Needless to say, I will NEVER return to that particular place of business. The waitress was dumb, but the cook was worse. Stupid? Oh yeah…

The other day my husband and I watched a woman attempting to drive her car. She was speeding up, slowing down, stopping in the middle of the road. As a trained EMT, I figured she was having a seizure. (I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.) When we passed her, I looked in her car, and she was looking down and TEXTING! Stupid? Oh yeah baby with a cherry on top!

I really don’t think that a lot of people realize they are stupid. Sometimes it has a genetic cause, perhaps someone YOU know comes from the SHALLOW end of the gene pool? Come on, we ALL know someone who is so utterly clueless, they have no idea how stupid they are. They are to be pitied. The ones that really irk me, are the intelligent ones, who constantly “ACT” like idiots. These people leave me shaking my head in disbelief. I certainly believe we are all given brains, I just hope that with time, most of us will learn common sense. Stupid is Stupid. Too much DUMB can get you killed.




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