The Crazy Things you see at Garage Sales


Emma Stone IIYesterday I went to a garage Sale, and found the LOVELY Miss Emma Stone just standing there. Okay, NOT the real Emma Stone, but certainly a large life-like facsimile. The folks in rural Arizona certainly have a sense of humor. Were there no humor in the world, I certainly would get bored easily.

I enjoy “Garage Sale’ n ” for many reasons… 1. I get an excuse to meet the neighbors. 2. I find interesting things for not a lot of money.  3. Sometimes I find important antiques that I lovingly restore.  4. It gets me out of the house, so I can breathe fresh air.  5. I have found exquisitely carved objects from all corners of the Earth.  6. People are obliged to talk to me, especially when I hold up an object and ask: “What are you asking for this?” (Hell, sometimes I’m not even sure what I have in my hands, and I always get some kind of response.)  7. I get to check out some pretty incredible neighborhoods.  8. Like most people, I can shop all morning and barely put a dent in the twenty bucks I keep in my wallet.

When I lived in California, there weren’t a lot of garage sales. Out here, there are folks that make it a business. When they are not selling their wares in their car ports, they try a bigger venue like the swap meets. I go nuts for Swap Meets, in New Mexico they are called “Flea Markets”. Funny name considering you will most likely never encounter a flea. My husband and I enjoy going to the sales in Arizona and New Mexico. Each State has its own unique brand of items, and the fun is NEVER knowing what you may find. It is a true TREASURE HUNT !

I enjoy antiques. Since I have been here, I have found a lot of interesting antiques at Garage sales and Swap meets. The most amazing item I found so far was a hand carved angel from Italy. It was an absolutely disaster when I bought it. The nose was broken off, it was cracked, and in desperate need of repair. Luckily, I am a painter and carver and was able to bring the artifact back from the dead. It’s all fun believe me. You know what they say: “One man’s TRASH is another man’s TREASURE”.


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