Do we Need Portals for Time Travel?


Time Portal, Star TrekTime Portals are a thing of mystery,  and often talked about in Science Fiction books and in Movies. However, some believe, portals do exist, and now theoretical physicists are talking about them on a regular basis. Many scientists believe that a portal is a short-cut through space. It is just a theory, but I think they are on to something. For instance Worm Holes, Portals, and Dimensional Time shifts, are coming to the forefront of mainstream science. Even the Science channel has a new show called “Through the Wormhole“.

So now you might ask yourself, just what a portal looks like? The picture I have included shows an Artists’ rendition of what a portal may look like. I believe that they may look like just about anything. A mist, a cloud, a tunnel or a hole in the ground can all look like portal candidates, but since I have not seen one myself, I can only speculate as to what they may look like.

The last time I have heard a story about a Time portal was from a pilot who flew through one. He actually entered a cloud, had some instrument malfunctions, and got to his destination 45 minutes early. (Which was impossible, since he was not veering from his regular route. ) His usual flying time was cut in half, with no logical explanation. (Very eerie indeed…)

I have also heard about people going through foggy areas on deserted highways, and going back in time. The incidents never last long, but leave people scratching their heads. A very recent report was made by a man traveling with his friend, looking for gas. They came across a Retro-looking 50’s style Diner, complete with soda fountain, and antique gas pumps. When they finally found gas, two miles away, they went back to the Diner and it was gone! (Gone, or misplaced in Time ?)

I also remember people calling the Art Bell Radio show and declaring that they were time travelers. Personally, I don’t think the people were anything but jokesters, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Eventually, we will be able to warp time and space, and build a portal to somewhere else. If humanity can conceive of such a thing, it may eventually come to pass. The concept is not as far-fetched as it once was, and I’m sure that there are scientists somewhere that are trying to create portals themselves.



3 thoughts on “Do we Need Portals for Time Travel?

  1. LouWritesStuff

    I’ve always thought that if time travel ever exists then it will have always existed. (Word tenses cease to make sense at some point in such discussions, I suppose.) I love to read about stories like the ones you refer to and of course in fiction. I just re-watched a movie fave from a few years ago, “Frequency,” where a father in the 1960s speaks to his son in the 1990s via a ham radio signal riding on a monster solar flare. Fun movie and cool time travel notions.

    • I never saw “Frequency”, next time it airs, I will have to watch it. I want to write more Science Fiction for a book, it’s been a while… Thank you for the comment, I love getting feedback!

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