Arizona needs more Rain


Rain VIITwo days ago in our little town it rained. We have not seen a drip since March, and we were all surprised when we finally got a down pour. In the desert, rain means everything. It fills the rivers, waters the plants, and the moisture helps prevent fires. Recently, 19 fire fighters were killed in our state, and if we would just get more moisture, we can prevent more catastrophes…Arizona is a frying pan!

I have seen an amazing lack of rain in the last five years. It barely comes during the winter, and so we wait for the monsoon season to refill our water reserves. However, I have seen a decline in rainy days. I know I should not panic, weather is not always predictable, and eventually the moisture will come our way. Waiting for those glorious rainy drops can seem like an eternity.

I have even written a prayer request to my friends in a monastery in New Mexico, so that they will continue praying for rain. Hopefully, the monks will take the request seriously, and make a miracle happen. Oh for some of you it may sound silly, but a request is a request, and I believe God hears all our prayers. Some days, the sun punishes us with such vengeance, it seems as if someone has turned on an outdoor oven. The heat can beat you up, and get you irritable. Especially now, when we know there are three months of hellish heat left.

Now you are probably wondering why I live in Arizona. I love this state, but the weather in the summer is brutal. Someday I’ll move to a more moderate climate, and I can be free to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Every state in the union has some perks, and some down sides…Our perk is the beauty that is everywhere, our downside is the ravages of heat. The rainy days give me hope, and a break from the heat. { For all of you getting too much rain, send a few drops our way! Thanks. }


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