People are Clueless when it comes to Mental Disorders


MadnessI am not an expert on what makes people CRAZY. In fact, crazy is something we all suffer from at one time or another, unless you are locked in an Ivory Tower. It just isn’t anything people want to talk about. Coming unhinged is something that isn’t spoken of in polite circles, and is often ignored. That makes being nuts all the more difficult. Mental disorders affect everyone in some way.

I worked with a girl once, who was manic-depressive, also known as bi-polar personality. She would go for months, as a happy person. There was always a smile on her face. Then came the depressed person, who would sulk in a corner, never speak to anyone, and would literally disappear for hours on end. One day, when the behavior was “off”, I informed my supervisor of the “change” in my co-worker, and I was “dismissed” as being imaginative, as well as one having a “problem” myself! (She actually told me I was a NUT!) Folks, my friend was indeed having an episode. She was in a depressive state, and I was correct. A day after I informed the supervisor of my friend’s change in behavior, she had to be hospitalized. (No one apologized to me for having astute observational skills, and NO ONE spoke about her hospitalization.) It was as  if she had never had a problem. Would you believe I was working at a hospital at the time? Even medical experts fear “CRAZY”. (My supervisor did NOT handle the situation well.)

My co-worker stopped by the hospital after she was released from the “Psych” unit. She hugged each of us, as if she was saying “good-bye”. Then she went home, took her dad’s gun, and shot herself in the head! It was one of the ugliest days of my life. I cried a lot… I know my co-workers did too. We had no counseling afterward, and there was no discussion of the matter. The “incident” was completely hushed up, as if my friend NEVER existed. Her illness was the cause of her demise.

Ignoring a bad situation does not make it go away. I believe the whole department could have used counseling, yet after the death of my co-worker, nothing was offered. The saddest part of the story was, I worked at a medical facility at the time. We were employees of a Community hospital, and the staff should have done something. We were invited to my friend’s memorial service, and that was it. I lost respect for my supervisor after the loss of my co-worker. I forgave her and the others, because of their ignorance. We aren’t taught to discuss mental illness, so when it becomes part of our lives, most of us do not know how to deal with it. I hope in the future, better protocols are put in place to help assist grieving co-workers and families.



4 thoughts on “People are Clueless when it comes to Mental Disorders

  1. So sorry about your coworker and what you had to go through around it. As a dually diagnosed person I inspire awkward avoidance in anyone who finds out too much, and it makes it challenging to go on contributing where I can.

    • If there wasn’t such a “stigma” attached to mental disorders, then the world would be a better place for us all. The world needs to accept all illness as legitimate, in order for us as humans, to evolve. Right now, fear, is standing in our way. (Wishing you many blessings.)

  2. agathacat2013

    I believe that we are all a little bit mental at times. Be it stress, depression, panic attacks, etc, we all suffer. I think that it is not just those who have to deal with others when they are suffering that fear these situations. It is also us, as individuals, that have to accept that it is okay not to be ‘normal’ all the time. Unfortunately modern man is still raised with this idea that there is such a thing as ‘weird’ behaviour and all too often we end up fearing ourselves.

  3. Thanks Agathacat for the comment. I also believe that mental illness, as well as neurotic behavior and stress, is part of everyone’s life at some point. I wish there wasn’t such a harsh stigma attached to it. So many people suffer silently, especially when NO HELP is offered to those that need it.

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