My mentor, Master Lee


Master LeeI often  use a spirit guide to help me solve a problem, when the solution to the problem seems impossible. I use a guide I call Master Lee. This is a photo of a man who looks very similar to the man I see as I meditate. I know how “KOOKY” I sound. However, weird or not, it works…. Here is what I do.

I sit quietly and ask Master Lee to help me with my problem. Let’s say, I have a need to lose weight. Master Lee appears to me, and gives me sage advice: “Ask yourself why you need to lose the weight. If it is for vanity, your battle will be endless. However if the weight is stopping you from being healthy and happy, then the solution is easy. A clean diet, more water, more exercise, take a break from sugar and processed foods. If hunger is taking control, your sugar levels are unbalanced and you need to eat small meals. Starving yourself  is never the way to go, but “FASTING” now and then is a sensible way to rid the body of toxins.” (Okay, he NEVER gets that wordy….but he does tell me things I need to know.) (There are excellent books on proper fasting techniques.)

What is a Spirit Guide? I think it is a part of you, that manifests when the logical brain needs answers. It is part of you, yet separate. It could also be a person who lives on another plane of existence, who is willing to aid anyone who seeks the truth. I have met people who never leave home without their “Spirit Guide”. I, on the other hand, only bother Master Lee, when I truly need guidance. He doesn’t appear in a wisp of smoke, or whisper the answers while I dream. I close my eyes, and let my imagination do the rest. It is easy to ask for a Spirit Guide, and if you have tried EVERY OTHER AVENUE for an answer, you too, may be KOOKY enough to try it.

I have read a lot on the internet about people who offer free advice. The advice is NEVER free, and poor people like me, get frustrated trying to find answers that come with a hefty price tag. The other day I went to a “HELPFUL” and “NATURAL” weight loss site. First, it wasn’t helpful, it wasn’t free, and NATURAL? Losing weight is not natural when you get into unhealthy eating patterns. We have to re-learn bad habits, but there is too much information that is misleading. I don’t care what anyone tells you, when you reach a certain age, weight loss is just plain hard work mixed with a lot of FOCUS. It can’t be purchased, pre-packaged or considered easy. If they tell you it is EASY, then they are LYING to you, and that stuff on the Doctor OZ show?  Well, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Also keep in mind that everyone’s metabolism is different. I recommend all people consult a NUTRITIONIST before starting any weight loss program.


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